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Intelligent Normal Operation Monitoring System

System Introduction

Intelligent normal operation monitoring system automatically calculates and assign index value which indicates if sensors are in normal operating range. It calculates through real-time monitoring screens, the extent to which operational values for all critical signals related to power plant equipment operation deviate from the “smart normal operation reference value” and approach the Trip-Runback setpoint.

Main functions

  • Calculate the proximity to the Trip set value of critical signals, and visually represent it for intuitive display.
  • Abnormal detection system’s predicted values are used as reference value.
  • Compares predicted value and critical signal data to trigger alarm.
  • Displays are integrated into Realtime Information system to view data and trends.
  • Real-time monitoring of deviations caused by sensor errors/failures in dual/triple redundancy measuring instrumentation.

Application Field

  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Hydro/Wind/Pumped Storage Power Plant
  • District Heating Power Plant

Use Case

Monitoring Power Plant’s degree of risk

Critical signal standards configurations

Monitoring multi/triple redundancy measurement in real-time

Monitoring deviation in multi/triple redundancy measurement