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Start Stop Management

System Introduction

Start Stop management system monitors power plant’s startup/shutdown sequence based on real-time data. This system allows you to review past sequence displays through a playback function even after the startup/shutdown sequence have ended.
In addition, it provides features such as comparing and analyzing optimal startup lead times with past or real-time data using graphs, comparing startup phase durations. This supports power plant operators in accessing and analyzing the information needed for startup/shutdown processes.

Main functions

Start / Stop Guide
Startup/shutdown sequence displays
Startup/shutdown sequence check list and memo
Startup/shutdown sequence display automatically changes.
Real-time startup Chart
Startup chart for each operating modes.
Compare historical data for each startup.
Compare real-time data for each startup.
Startup result analysis
Compare the duration differences and performance of past startup cycles.
Simulation training
Playback functionfor past startup/shutdown history.
Other feature
Upload and access functions for startup procedures and other documentation.
Text-to-speech, text messaging and email notification features.

Application Field

  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Hydro/Wind/Pumped Storage Power Plant
  • District Heating Power Plant

Use Case

[Real-Time Start-Stop Management Monitoring Screen]

[Start-Stop Step Check Item And Real-Time Running Screen]