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Smart Power-generation capacity Estimation System

System Introduction

S-PES system predicts the future generating capacity of a power plant by applying atmospheric conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.), operational conditions, and performance degradation (contamination) to the performance model of a combined power plant, reflecting the actual plant capacity and operational status.

Main functions

  • Base Load centralized performance model
  • Estimating Available Capacity through Performance Modeling
  • Calculates degradation(contamination)
  • Predicts possible generating capacity

Application Field

  • Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • District Heating Power Plant
Input Variables
(Auto/Manual Data Input)
Future generating capacity prediction engine
Development of a Power Generation Forecast Program Using VirtualPlant, a Power Plant Performance Modeling Tool, to Reflect Actual Plant Capacity and Operational Status
Prediction result
(GT Output, ST Output, CC Output)

Use Case