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Intelligent Predictive Analytics System

System Introduction

Intelligent Predictive Analytic System(iPAS) is designed with built-in program that automatically analyzes equipment’s status and trigger alarm.
The alarm triggers based on logical algorithm that monitors trouble or faults. It is user-friendly and convenient, allowing users to easily access current and historical graphs of logic display. Thus, users can quickly find root cause of alarms to prevent critical trouble.

Main functions

  • Predictive Analytic logical algorithms (more than 100)
  • Real-time alarm generation and root cause analysis engine based on algorithm conditions.
  • Automatic alarm threshold adjustment feature. (After overhaul)
  • Real-time data and external data interface connectivity
  • Integrated visualization platform with explorer like style.
  • Compatible with Desktop(C/S) and Web base
  • Display creating tool based on ultra high resolution (UHD)
  • Multiple Trends analysis
  • Virtual Programming Language(VPL) based logic creating tool
  • Multi Data Source interface
  • Drag & Drop Drawing
  • Various kinds of logic controls for drawing and calculation
  • Various kinds of graphic objects for information display

Application Field

  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Hydro/Wind/Pumped Storage Power Plant
  • District Heating Power Plant

Use Case